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Workshops and Presentations on Dealing with Antagonists

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"Antagonists are individuals who, on the basis of nonsubstantive evidence, go out of their way to make insatiable demands, usually attacking the person or performance of others. These attacks are selfish in nature, tearing down rather than building up, and are frequently directed against those in a leadership capacity."

--Kenneth C. Haugk
Leader Killers, p. 16

Antagonists exist in all areas of life--from the workplace to Little League games, from city council meetings to health care situations, from religious settings to band booster associations. You can end up face-to-face with an antagonist at any time, anywhere.

Antagonists are not just misguided and misunderstood. They are out to hurt people, and they do. Although few in number, antagonists have the potential for disproportionately disrupting the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization as well as destroying the peace of mind and well-being of the individuals within it.

How do you deal with an antagonist?

Leader Killers presents clear, realistic strategies for identifying antagonists, dealing with their behaviors, and safeguarding organizations from attack by:

The book's three parts present the most effective ways to identify and handle antagonists and to prevent them from gaining a foothold in your organization.

Part One: Identifying Antagonists

The first seven chapters of Leader Killers lay the foundation for effectively dealing with antagonists by explaining critical issues such as these:

Part Two: Dealing with Antagonists

The ten chapters of Part Two offer practical counsel for dealing with antagonists in virtually any situation, including:

Part Three: Preventing Antagonism

Stopping antagonism when it occurs is only a temporary solution unless you take measures to keep it from recurring. The final four chapters deal with how you can prepare your organization to handle antagonists--even before they appear. In Part Three, you will explore issues like:

Dealing with antagonists is a bottom-line issue. By preventing antagonists from disrupting your organization, you will enhance staff productivity, decrease turnover, and save money. Leader Killers shows you how.

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