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Workshops and Presentations on Dealing with Antagonists

Frequently Asked Questions


Dr. Haugk and other faculty are available to speak at conferences or conduct on-site workshops about dealing with antagonists.

What is the time frame for a Leader Killers workshop or conference presentation?

Our faculty have taught in a variety of settings, from one-hour presentations at conferences or other meetings to half-day or full-day workshops. We can tailor a workshop or conference presentation to accommodate your needs within the time available.

What topics are typically covered in workshops or conference presentations?

The number of topics covered in a workshop or presentation depends on the time available. Here are some possible topics:

Do I have to read Leader Killers before attending a workshop?

While it would be helpful, it isn't necessary. The workshop is presented as a stand-alone experience and covers enough of the basics so that all participants can fully experience the event, whether or not they've read the book.

I've already read Leader Killers. Will a workshop just repeat what is in the book?

The workshop doesn't simply repeat material from Leader Killers--it extends and builds on the foundation laid in the book. So everyone, whether they've read the book or not, will leave the workshop with a greater understanding about antagonists and how they behave--as well as ways to deal effectively with them.

How can I schedule a conference presentation or workshop?

Click here to contact us for further information.